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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

People’s decisions can be based on irrational or automatic thoughts. With CBT, we work on understanding, addressing, and changing these thoughts or behaviors to achieve a desirable result.

A lot of the time, this means working on distorted thoughts, something that feels right but does not make logical sense. For example, someone may have a distortion that they are worthless; consequently, they manage their life based on that lie that they tell themselves.

With CBT, we challenge established thought patterns that are dysfunctional and draw the line between logical and rational thought. Once we identify and understand the cognitive component, we can then look at the behaviors that result from our thought patterns and work on changing or replacing them.

An Example of CBT:

Let us take a look at a common problem, someone who struggles with addiction. The first step is identifying the cognitive components or thought patterns that lead to the destructive behavior. Someone may think that the world is too overwhelming to deal with, which causes them a lot of anxiety. To manage that anxiety, they turn to drugs and become an addict, which is the identifiable behavior component.

With CBT, we would find different ways of tolerating anxiety that are healthier. Exercise, for example, would be a change in behavior. CBT is a two-component system: changing the thought process to wants that are realistic and rational and creating behaviors that help needs instead of wants.

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